Special Services

Sunday, May 3, 11AM – Prayers For Healing And Cleansing: The text for my sermon this Sunday is about a man who is touched by Jesus, healed and cleansed. As the sermon has come together I realize the most appropriate response to the message is to have an opportunity for people to come forward for individual prayers. The opportunity to do so will be available as we receive communion. My hope is that as I lay my hand on the shoulder of those coming for prayer, they will feel the touch of Jesus, and as I pray for them they will hear the ever affirming, incredibly loving, voice of God bestowing upon them exactly what they need - blessing, healing, strength, peace, acceptance, love, and more.

Sunday, May 10, 11AM – Mother’s Day Reflections
(Family Service): During this service we will have an opportunity to honor our mothers by sharing with the congregation brief statements about the good characteristics of our mothers. Would you be willing to share one or two wonderful qualities that your mother is/was noted for? We will discuss how our lives not only reflect these good qualities, but how we reflect the character of God as well, and how, as we reflect God’s character, we grow to become more and more like God each day. This is a family service and will include object lessons and songs the whole family will enjoy.