Our Purpose and Identity

Our Purpose
We will glorify God by bringing our community to Jesus, building each other up in Christ, growing in Christian maturity, going forth into the world with Christ’s compassion, and worshiping Jesus in all that we do.
Our Identity
We are a church that seeks to Strengthen Families, Celebrate Diversity, and Participate in Charity.
Strengthen Families: Independent research has consistently shown that faith is a major factor in strong families. Families are strengthened as individual members are encouraged to live out their faith and to grow in their relationship with the Lord. The activities and programs we offer are designed with families in mind. The friendships that develop within our community, along with the prayers and love that are shared, are a source of mutual encouragement and strength as well.
Celebrate Diversity: God’s people are a gloriously diverse people. The church (universal) is made up of believers of all nationalities, races, and ethnic groups – all following Jesus as their Lord and Savior. It is a powerful witness to the world and a tremendous blessing to one another when this gloriously diverse body of Christ is united as one, praising God together, learning from one another, and growing in faith, love and service.
Participate in Charity: We are a church that puts love in action by helping our neighbor around the corner or around the world. We are actively involved in projects and ministries that bring God’s justice and compassion to a needy and hurting world. See “Upcoming Events” for current projects.